The only shipping API you’ll ever need

ParcelBright is an entire solution - integrates with 6 different couriers - offer instant shipping labels for your team, customers and marketplace sellers - make margin - instant courier accounts set up. Customers can start shipping in seconds

The smart way to ship

Providing shipping options for your marketplace sellers, online retail store or ecommerce platform has never been so easy.

  • Marketplaces

    Allow your sellers to create and print shipping labels with ease. Instant access to multiple shipping providers, without the pain of setting up any courier accounts.

  • Online Retailers

    A simple API giving you access to multiple couriers, smart shipping rules and a dashboard giving you a complete overview of your shipments and billing.

  • Ecommerce Platforms

    Unlock shipping for anyone using your ecommerce platform to power their online retail store, without the need to open any shipping accounts.

Partnered with the world's best

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Single Dashboard for Managing Shipments and Billing

Powerful Dashboards

Gives you a clear overview of your parcel status. If a problem occurs en-route you will know it before your customer and we will solve it in real time.

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Unleash the power or ParcelBright shipping

  • Instant access to multiple shipping couriers
  • Collection or drop-off - we support it all
  • A single dashboard for all billing and shipment management
  • Helpful customer service, check our five star reviews
  • No courier account required - just plug in and start shipping
  • Control the amount of margin you want to make on your shipping
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As featured in Forbes and TechCrunch

Quick and efficient from the start. We send items regularly for business and ParcelBright have been nothing but helpful at every step of the way.